What is LOCO-SIKI?

What is LOCO-SIKI?

Aomori – A treasury of food ingredients
that I found in my quest for excellent foodstuffs.

In the days when I visited various regions, I met farmers in Aomori, who cultivate crops painstakingly with traditional methods, and people in the local communities who seek to protect the food ingredients.

While Aomori is famous for apples and garlic, the region is actually a treasury of food ingredients that is extremely attractive to the eyes of a professional culinarian as well.

Meeting people in Aomori who cherish excellent local food ingredients, I began to wish to pass down excellent food ingredients for future generations and increase the variety of such food ingredients to ensure that only safe, secure food ingredients are used in cooking, by working together with local farmers. I founded LOCO-SIKI to make these wishes come true.

We deliver excellent, attractive food ingredients from Aomori to people all over Japan and the world, aiming to pass down the pleasure and fun, which are not limited to eating, and the happiness of living with security, for future generations. To make this a reality, we will strive to do whatever we can by working together with local people.

What we can do.


- Putting thought into the name -

We created the name LOCO・SIKI after locomotive, local community, siki (the Japanese word for morale), and siki as a Japanese word meaning four ki’s (yorokobi, which is also pronounced ki and means pleasure, kibou for hope, kagayaki for brilliance, and kiryoku for spirit or drive).

The name reflects our intention to do whatever we can to protect the daily happiness of people and communities and pass them down for future generations.

It also reflects our determination to promote a business that is aimed at creating a society where people can live with security, by creating pleasure, hope, brilliance and spirit/drive together with people.