Our Products

Our Products

Delicious food ingredients from Aomori, which we deliver with confidence.

LOCO-SIKI Evidence of Safe Products.
LOCO-SIKI products only use carefully grown ingredients from blessings bestowed by nature, which are preferred by professional cooks.
In addition, no chemical seasonings, color additives, binding materials, preservatives, or extenders are used in processing. Each product is carefully produced by hand and can be eaten safely, while savoring the taste.



To produce LOCO-SIKI meat, LOCO-SIKI, the cattle farmer, the meat center and the wholesaler collectively cooperate to manage the entire process from bleeding and processing, to cooking and selling, and only use fresh, safe and secure, reliable meat.
In addition, the development of brand meat using this system has attracted attention as an initiative in the meat industry.

LOCO・SIKI Apple Pork

Apple pork is produced using a special feed mixed with apples containing polyphenol in the clear streams and rich natural environment of Aomori.
The special pork with apple-like-sweetness, flavor, and non-greasy fat is the outcome jointly developed with livestock farmers.

Apple Pork

LOCO・SIKI Apple Pork Roast Pork

High-quality apple pork loin is salted to fully aged and is smoked slowly using cherry wood chips.
Enjoy the moderate flavor of the smoked pork with cherry wood chips and the delicious taste of roast pork.

Raw materials/Pork loin
Expiration date/3 days after thawing

LOCO・SIKI Apple Pork Boneless Ham

Special boneless ham in which the Pork leg (fresh ham) of thoroughly aged apple pork is soaked and seasoned in Saumur solution with garlic and vegetables grown in Aomori.
Use it for a variety of dishes, such as salads or sandwiches.

Raw materials/Pork leg (fresh ham)
Expiration date/3 days after thawing

LOCO・SIKI Apple Pork Char Siu (Chinese-style Barbecued Pork)

Aged Boston butt of apple pork is soaked in a special sauce with less bitter vegetables grown in Aomori and slowly heated at a low temperature for eight hours. For this Special char siu, we paid extra attention to give juicy and tender taste.
Eat it as—is or on rice to enjoy the rich, fine taste.

Raw materials/Boston butt
Expiration date/3 days after thawing

Apple Pork 68℃

The Secret of 68 ℃

The proper temperature and heating time are required to produce tender meat and prevent the protein of the meat from hardening excessively.
LOCO-SIKI apple pork 68 ℃ is heated for a long time at the proper temperature, 68 ℃, to produce quality meat, which we discovered through independent study. The tender and moist premium meat is LOCO-SIKI’s specialty processed food.

LOCO・SIKI Apple Pork Shabu-shabu Set

Shabu-shabu is recommended to taste a balance of flavor and sweetness. Enjoy thinly sliced, fine, tender pork loin of apple pork and the delicious taste and flavor of the fat.
This set includes special ponzu sauce, which uses sliced garlic (for soup stock), a local specialty of Aomori, as well as Japanese leeks and apples.

Raw materials/Pork loin, Pork belly
Expiration date/3 days after thawing

GIFT - Assorted gift -

  • LOCO・SIKI APPLE PORK Shabu-shabu Set

    2,400 yen
    (tax included)

    Apple Pork (400 g)
    Japanese leeks
    Sliced garlic (for soup stock)
    Special ponzu sauce

  • LOCO・SIKI APPLE PORK Processed Meat
    (3 types) Set

    4,200 yen
    (tax included)

    Roast Pork (200 g)
    Char Siu (200 g)
    Boneless Ham (200 g)

  • LOCO・SIKI APPLE PORK Special Gift Set

    6,600 yen
    (tax included)

    Roast Pork (200 g)
    Char Siu (200 g)
    Boneless Ham (200 g)
    Shabu-shabu Set

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LOCO-SIKI cooperates with farmers to conserve safe and nutritious vegetables for the future.
In particular, vegetables grown in Aomori are sweet, with a less harsh taste and are less bitter. Farmers in Aomori strive to foster clean water and cultivate the healthiest soil in Japan, to produce safe and secure, high-quality agricultural, forestry and fishery products.
LOCO-SIKI vegetables are healthy and tasty, grown in this natural environment with much time and effort.


Nagaimo, which are a local specialty of Aomori, do not taste harsh despite their soft texture, thickness and stickiness. They have been used as a medicinal food ingredient for many years.

Pickles (Nagaimo and Grape tomato)

These pickles enable you to enjoy the crisp texture of Nagaimo and the juiciness of tomatoes! Pickled with bonito stock, these vegetables have a mild flavor with a moderate sour taste. The pickling liquid with its fresh sour taste also has thickness created by Nagaimo. This makes it good for dressings or sauce, because it is easy to coat food ingredients with. It can be used without concern and waste because no preservatives or additives are used.

Raw materials/Nagaimo, grape tomatoes, seasoning (vinegar, superfine sugar, salt, bonito soup) (Contains wheat)

Expiration date/Frozen at a temperature of -18 ℃ or below, within 365 days from the production date


Nagaimo used to be difficult to freeze while maintaining their freshness. Our proprietary freezing technology has made it possible to store them for a long time.

Raw materials/Nagaimo

Expiration date/Frozen at a temperature of -18 ℃ or below, within 365 days from the production date

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LOCO・SIKI brand products are being developed one after another!

We will keep expanding the lineup of LOCO・SIKI brand products featuring delicious ingredients from Aomori, which we recommend with confidence. We are sure that you are looking forward to them!