Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

LOCO-SIKI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Company”) will comply with the laws and regulations related to personal information. The Company has formulated the Privacy Policy outlined below based on a full understanding of the importance of protecting information provided by customers that permits the identification of individuals (hereinafter, “Personal Information”). The Company will handle, manage and store Personal Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

1. Collection of Personal Information

When the Company receives inquiries from its customers, it will collect customer information including their names, addresses and contact numbers.
Before collecting Personal Information, the Company will inform customers of the purposes of the collection and use of the information and obtain their permission. The Company will handle Personal Information only for the purposes of its use for which permission has been given by customers.

2. Purposes of use of Personal Information

Answering questions from customers, sending them materials or products, providing them with information, questionnaire surveys of customers aimed at improving the quality of the Company’s services, marketing activities and other purposes.
*The Company may be unable to provide the above information without Personal Information from customers.

3. Access log

On the Company’s website, information about those who have accessed the website is recorded in the form of access logs by using cookies.
An access log contains the IP address of the person who accessed the website, the host name, the type of browser and OS used by them, the time and date of access and other information.
The Company will not use access logs for any purposes other than collecting statistical data related to the operation of the website and investigations into the cause of unauthorized access or a similar problem.

4. Management, disclosure and deletion of Personal Information

The Company will store customers’ Personal Information in such a way that no third party can obtain it illegally. The Company may delete a customer’s Personal Information where the purpose of its storage has been achieved and the Company judges that the information does not need to stored. The Company will not disclose customers’ Personal Information to any third party without the customers’ consent, except in the following cases.

  • Where a judicial organ or a government agency has requested disclosure in relation to legal work in accordance with the law
  • Where the Company’s contractor provides services such as answering questions from customers and sending them materials

The Company will ensure that its contractors handle Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

5. Change to Handling of Personal Information

The Company may revise the Handling of Personal Information without prior notice where the revision is necessary due to a change to laws or regulations, the addition, expansion or change of its business contents, or a similar reason.
The revised Handling of Personal Information will be posted on the Company’s website immediately after the revision.

6. Inquiries about Personal Information

Please go to the Inquiries page of this website to make an inquiry about the disclosure, correction or deletion of the Personal Information, a complaint about its handling, or other matters.